Welcome To Manitowoc County Airport

Welcome to the official Manitowoc County Airport website!


We welcome any and all people to visit our gorgeous historic town! Manitowoc County has several things to offer to our visitors and tourists!

Manitowoc can fulfill your everyday needs and exceed your expectations. Our town may not be the biggest, but our passion and love for our city is what separates us from the surrounding area! Our airport is located only a few miles away from Lake Michigan, and only three miles away from accessing our downtown district.

So, browse around and see what our town is all about! If you’re looking for community things, business information or even food information, we have you covered!



Pilot Information

Airport Stats:

Length of Runway: 5,002ft

Radio Frequency: 122.8

*No Tower Control

*Instrument Landing Systems

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From Joshua Honey on 04-Aug-2016

***** This airport is truly a hidden gem! Joe, Gary and the entire staff are extremely helpful and courteous. Being closer to Whistling Straights Golfing, than any other public airport, truly makes this a business professionals hidden secret..They even have a Gogo Inflight Internet Rep. Right down the road! WOW.. Charter and private jet owners take note. Looking for a quite and professional airport in Wisconsin during golf season... You have to look at this place!

From William Michael Simmons on 30-Jun-2016

***** It was just one of those unexpected tips when my date and I decided to dropped into KMTW. After landing, Rich Conrad greeted us on the ramp without asking for anything I.E. Fuel etc.. It was great feeling not being pressured into checking my tanks and immediately opening the wallet up before we got a chance to stretch. KMTW airfield is a small gem located along the East Shoreline in Wisconsin. Rich offered us a courtesy car to run into town for a quick dinner before returning

From Jeffrey Guy on 03-Jun-2016

**** 06/02/2016 Great place to visit. One of the best fueling stations I have ever used. The people were very helpful